Author: Brent Beeman

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect My Recovery?

If you sustained an injury at work, your employer or its insurance company cannot deny you workers’ compensation benefits based solely on a pre-existing condition. If you had a pre-existing condition and a work injury contributed to, aggravated, or exacerbated that condition, then your injury is compensable under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. If the […]

COVID-19, Your Employment, and the Emergency Amendment to Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act

  THIS DECISION HAS BEEN RESCINDED       In the event you are injured or sickened at work the remedy available to you is contained in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Among the elements that must be proven in order to prevail in a Workers’ Compensation claim are: (1) an injury, illness, or incapacity; […]

Navigating an Independent Medical Exam Pursuant to Section 12 of The Illinois Workers Compensation Act

Tips to help you understand what’s involved in a workers’ compensation examinations requested by an employer What is Section 12 of the Workers Compensation Act? Section 12 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act 820ILCS305/12 provides as follows: “An employee entitled to receive disability payments shall be required, if requested by the employer, to submit himself, […]

Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Decision

What Happens in an Arbitration Decision? In a worker’s compensation case, the initial hearing, where witnesses are questioned and written evidence is submitted by attorneys for the Petitioner and by the Respondent, is handled by the Arbitrator who has been assigned the case by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC). Occasionally, when the assigned Arbitrator […]

After an Accident, Submit Your Medical Bills to Your Health Insurance Carrier

Avoid this Mistake: Not submitting your medical bills to your own health insurance company Not submitting your medical bills to your own health insurance company is only one of many disastrous mistakes an injury victim can make if an experienced lawyer is not consulted right away. If you are in a car accident and have […]

Exculpatory Clauses at Fitness Clubs

What is an Exculpatory Clause? Fitness clubs, as well as recreational facilities, often have their customers sign exculpatory clauses as part of their membership agreement in an effort to limit their liability for subsequent injuries. Illinois law, however, does not favor such agreements. (Calarco v. YMCA of Greater Metropolitan Chicago, 149 Ill.App.3d 1037, 501 N.E.2d […]

The Importance of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist and Medical Payments Auto Insurance Coverage

Whether signing up for new auto insurance, adding a new vehicle to your policy, or renewing an existing policy of auto insurance, consider two coverage options that can help you if you are in a car accident: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Adequate Medical Payments Auto Insurance Coverage. These policies can add extra protection […]